Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sunglass Filters

Sepia Shades, sunglasses filter

There are jillions of ways to look at your subject matter. Everyone has their own perspective. Their own was of showing what they see.

For me, It's through Sunglasses. I fall in love with the colors my sunglasses turn the world. Probably in the same way I loved to look through jars & colored vases when I was younger. As if it made it better.

So, a couple years ago I started using my Sunglasses for a Filter by placing then on the lens. Sometimes, it's tricky to hold the camera & the sunglasses at the same time but it's worth the trouble. Here are some photos to show how they create vibrant colors and change the aura of the scene.

They were taken in early October at Fort Casey on Whidbey Island, Washington.

Sea Gypsy, sunglasses filter

Autumns Sepia, sunglasses filter

Through Amber Glasses, sunglasses filter

The next photo was taken the same day with out sunglasses. A dramatic difference. Mostly in the sky. A very brilliant blue, sunshiny day!

Blues of Indian Summer, No Sunglasses

Camera Choice: Shitty Broken Kodak Digital

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